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Urinary incontinence laser treatment Kraków

Urinary incontinence laser treatment Kraków

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Aesthetic and urogynecological gynecology Urinary incontinence laser treatment Kraków

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem that is often neglected. It is estimated that one in four women is suffering, has suffered or will suffer from urinary incontinence. Therefore, it can be considered a common problem. Only 25% of the women tell their doctor about the problem, while 40% decides to consult a doctor only after 5 years from the onset of the condition.
Urinary incontinence can affect every one of us, regardless of age. One of the causes of this problem is the sensitivity of the female reproductive parts to hormonal changes (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause).
There are three types of urinary incontinence:
• Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) resulting from the insufficiency of the apparatus that closes the urethra or the excessive mobility of the bladder neck;
• Urge incontinence resulting from the increased activity of the detrusor urinae muscle or decreased elasticity of the bladder wall;
• Mixed incontinence is a combination of the symptomatic profiles of both types of urinary incontinence.

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At DER-MED Centre, we perform the procedure using the MonaLisa Touch equipment. The laser is equipped with a special endpiece that is inserted into the vagina by the doctor. The energy emitted by the instrument causes photothermal contraction of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. As a result, the inclination angle of the urethra changes. The procedure is comfortable and resembles a normal gynaecological examination. If the patient feels embarrassed by her condition, which is completely natural, the short duration of the incontinence laser treatment using the MonaLisa Touch apparatus allows it to be discreetly performed between everyday duties.

Duration of one procedure

approx. 30 min

Recommended number of procedures

1-2 procedures are required

Procedure location


Urinary incontinence laser treatment Kraków

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  • Painless procedure.
  • High safety.
  • Restored mental and physical comfort.
  • Short duration of the procedure, it can be performed discreetly between everyday activities.


  • Solved or reduced problem of incontinence.
  • Boosted self-esteem and quality of life.
  • No urine leakage.
  • Increased bladder control.


  • Stress urinary incontinence.
  • Slight urine leakage during physical exercise.

Main contraindications

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Menstruation.
  • Reproductive system infection.
  • Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.
  • Neoplastic diseases.
  • Bad cervical screening test result.
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Preparation for the procedure


Preparation for the procedure

The procedure does not require any special preparations. However, a prerequisite for the procedure is a normal cervical screening test result obtained within 6 months before the procedure. You can do a cervical screening test at DER-MED Centre during a consultation with your gynaecologist. If you already have your cervical screening test result, the consultation can be combined with the procedure. This solution is chosen very often by our patients.




Urinary incontinence laser treatment is considered a highly safe procedure. Thanks to the use of modern laser equipment, the energy beam can be very precisely directed at the treatment site and the problem eliminated, without damaging the skin surface or the surrounding tissue.


Urinary incontinence laser treatment at DER-MED Centre is carried out in accordance with the highest standards, which translates into safety and effectiveness of the therapy. The procedure is carried out by qualified and experienced personnel working on cutting-edge instruments.



Comfort after the procedure


Comfort after the procedure

Urinary incontinence laser treatment is a short and painless procedure and, most importantly, does not prevent you from your everyday activities. After the procedure, you can safely return home and go to work.

Is the procedure painful?

Laser treatment is very comfortable for the patient. During the treatment, you can feel warmth and touch as in a standard gynaecological examination.

Urinary incontinence laser treatment is performed regardless of age. As part of an examination, the doctor qualifies the patient for the procedure.

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