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Surgical consultation Kraków

Surgical consultation Kraków

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Modern medicine, including aesthetic surgery, has enormous therapeutic possibilities at its disposal. Their purpose is to improve the general health condition and outward appearance, eliminate the skin aging signs and, more and more often, anti-aging prophylaxis. There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy health, fine figure and attractive looks, all of which are based on prevention and prophylaxis – these, however, start from specialist consultations.

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At DER-MED Centre we offer consultations from the best specialist surgeons. As part of a surgical visit, we offer sclerotherapy and skin lesion removal, such as moles or birthmarks. Aesthetic surgery consultations, on the other hand, are necessary to qualify the patient for figure shaping treatments, such as fat transfer or liposuction as well as therapeutic and aesthetic procedures, such as hair transplantation, blepharoplasty, labiaplasty, otoplasty and many more. Surgical visits are carried out in spacious rooms equipped with cutting-edge instruments, conducive to precise diagnosis as well as honest and confidential conversation with a doctor, where you can feel safe and sure of the highest standards that are being kept.

Duration of one procedure

approx. 15 min

Recommended number of procedures

One consultation.

Procedure location


Surgical consultation Kraków

Procedure recommended for

Centrum DER-MED


  • The best specialists with enormous experience.
  • Individual and holistic approach.
  • Friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
  • A consultation can be carried out in English or Russian.


  • Well-matched treatment.
  • Preparation of a plan to solve the problem.
  • The patient receives information materials to take home.


  • Everyone can come for a surgical consultation without the need to have a referral.
  • Any aesthetic or surgical problem we are facing.
  • Removal of birthmarks, lipomas, papillomas.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Hair transplantation.
  • Labiaplasty.
  • Otoplasty or torn earlobe.
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Upper lip lifting.
  • Liposuction
  • Fat stem cell transfer.
  • Lipofilling – breast/buttock augmentation.
  • Body defect correction.
  • Nipple correction.
  • Oncological indications.

Main contraindications

  • There are various contraindications depending on the procedure. Please read information relating to a particular procedure on our website. You can also come for a consultation with a surgeon. The doctor will answer all your questions and doubts.
Centrum DER-MED

Treatment process

1. 1. Consultation

During a surgical consultation, the patient’s problem is discussed in detail. Their expectations regarding the effects are confronted with the actual prognoses. If the visit precedes a procedure, the patient is informed about the preparation process and sometimes the need to perform appropriate tests.

The date of the first procedure is determined at the consultation.

The need to carry out further procedures is individually discussed with a specialist.

After the last procedure, its effects are assessed. When the effects are satisfactory both for the doctor and the patient, the treatment/therapy is finished.

Procedure location

DER-MED Centre offers modern, stylish interiors equipped with professional instruments of premium quality. This allows us to provide you with the best help and care. In addition, we make our best to keep nice and welcoming atmosphere from the moment you come through our door until the very end of your visit.

Procedure location





During surgical consultations, the patient’s problem is discussed and a detailed medical interview is carried out. The purpose of such a visit is diagnosis and treatment plan preparation – the basis of a successful therapy. Before the therapy starts, all the contraindications must be ruled out and the patient is informed about how to prepare for the procedure.


At DER-MED Centre, you will meet the finest specialist with enormous knowledge and many years of experience.



How to prepare for a surgical visit?

The preparation for a surgical consultation is not very demanding. To the visit, you need to take your current medical documentation, especially documentation relating to your problem in question. If the consultation is immediately followed by the procedure, it is worth coming to DER-MED Centre a bit early to have enough time for signing a consent to the treatment and complete all the necessary formalities.

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