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Gynaecological consultation Kraków

Gynaecological consultation Kraków

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Every woman who seeks to improve their intimate comfort or suffers from health problems related to the reproductive organ, its anatomy or proper functioning can come for gynaecological advice in terms of aesthetic medicine. The gynaecologist carries out thorough diagnosis (along with an ultrasound or cervical screening test) and proposes a treatment method or a procedure to remove the annoying symptoms. At DER-MED Centre, gynaecological consultations are carried out by an experienced and qualified gynaecologist. The most common problems reported by our patients are the condition of the reproductive organs after giving birth, stress urinary incontinence, recurring infections or the asymmetry and deformation of the labia. In each of these cases, we offer minimally invasive, almost painless and safe treatments that eliminate these symptoms. A fast analysis and diagnosis are key to complete recovery and restored comfort of living as well as proper self-esteem.

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Gynaecological advice is particularly important for the prevention and diagnosis of reproductive organ problems. A fast analysis and diagnosis are key to complete recovery.
A gynaecological consultation involves an in-depth conversation with the patient, after which additional tests are ordered, including pelvic ultrasound scan and cervical screening test.

Duration of one procedure

approx. 15 minutes

Procedure location


Gynaecological consultation Kraków

Procedure recommended for

Centrum DER-MED


  • The visit can be combined with tests, which saves the patient’s time.
  • Modern facility.
  • High-class ultrasound scanner.
  • A consultation with a gynaecologist who also specialises in endocrinology and sexology.


  • Gynaecological consultation
  • Wszelkie dolegliwości ginekologiczne.
  • Wykonanie badania USG ginekologicznego.
  • Pobranie cytologii.

Main contraindications

  • There are no contraindications for a gynaecological consultation. Every woman can use it.
Centrum DER-MED
Gynaecological consultation 250
Gynaecological consultation with ultrasound scan 280
Hirsutism treatment consultation with ultrasound scan 280
Cervical screening test 70
LBC thin-layer cytology 110
Labiaplasty (plastic surgery of the labia) using the MonaLisa Touch laser 4500
Labiaplasty with vaginal corrective surgery 5500
Vaginal corrective surgery 2300
Plastic surgery of vaginal vestibule defect 750
Laser treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal tightening 1490
Laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening 1340
Labial rejuvenation 1600
Labial rejuvenation Combined with a different aesthetic gynaecology procedure 1450
Vaginal hydration and biostimulation 1350
Vaginal hydration and biostimulation Combined with a different aesthetic gynaecology procedure 1200
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