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Laser labiaplasty, labial correction Kraków

Laser labiaplasty, labial correction Kraków

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Aesthetic and urogynecological gynecology Laser labiaplasty, labial correction Kraków

Minor labia hypertrophy or labial deformation caused by a difficult childbirth lead to discomfort, pain, recurrent infections or reduced intimate comfort for many women.
Intimate health is treated as a taboo for many women. It should not be like that. Thanks to medical advancements, many intimate problems can be solved. Effective laser procedures have been used in aesthetic gynaecology for many years. These include laser labiaplasty. This procedure is dedicated to women who suffer from labial hypertrophy. This single procedure allows you to restore your sexual comfort during intimate encounters and boosts your self-esteem. Laser labiaplasty has already been used by thousands of women and they all agree that the procedure is simply effective!
Come for a labiaplasty procedure to Der-Med Centre in Cracow.

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Labiaplasty is an aesthetic gynaecology procedure that involves correcting the shape of the labia. An indication for labiaplasty is discomfort caused by labial hypertrophy, which affects both the quality of sexual life and the entire self-esteem. Hypertrophic labia cause discomfort during physical activities, infections, irritation or lack of satisfaction with one’s intimate parts.
At DER-MED Centre in Cracow, we perform the procedure using the MonaLisa Touch laser. This laser is dedicated to aesthetic gynaecology procedures. During the procedure, the doctor reduces the labia and gives them an attractive shape. The gynaecologist can also correct any asymmetry. Then, small sutures are placed that are usually removed after 7 days at a follow-up visit.

Duration of one procedure

approx. 60 min

Recommended number of procedures


Procedure location


Laser labiaplasty, labial correction Kraków

Procedure recommended for

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  • Labiaplasty is a procedure that brings a permanent effect.
  • Laser procedures are much less invasive than surgical ones. Tissue heals more easily and bleeding is much lower.
  • The procedure is performed by an experienced gynaecologist.
  • After the procedure, the patient is not hospitalised and can return home.
  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.


  • Reduced minor labia.
  • Corrected asymmetry.
  • The labia are given an attractive, desirable shape.
  • Increased sexual life satisfaction.
  • Boosted patient’s self-esteem.


  • Hypertrophy of the minor labia.
  • Asymmetry of the minor labia.
  • Post-birth labial deformation.
  • Recurring infections, deteriorated sexual life quality, mental and physical discomfort.
  • Difficulties with maintaining hygiene.

Main contraindications

  • Neoplastic diseases.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Menstruation
  • Birth canal infections and undiagnosed bleeding.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Unrealistic expectations regarding the effects of the procedures or no medical indications for the procedure.
  • Untreated, uncontrolled neurosis.
  • Proneness to keloid scars.
  • Abnormal results of the tests ordered before the procedure and/or the cervical screening test.
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Treatment process

1. 1. Gynaecological consultation

A gynaecological consultation is necessary before every aesthetic gynaecology procedure. The gynaecologist qualifies the patient for laser labiaplasty, rules out contraindications and explains individual steps of the procedure. This is the time for asking questions and an honest conversation between the patient and the doctor.

Before the procedure, the patient receives a local anaesthetic. Then, the procedure is carried out. Using a special endpiece of the MonaLisa Touch laser, the doctor reduces the labia, giving them a symmetrical shape. Subsequently, small sutures are placed. After the procedure, the patient rests in the post-procedure room under the supervision of experienced personnel.

A follow-up consultation is usually held 7 days after the procedure. However, the doctor may decide otherwise. During the follow-up visit, the sutures are removed and the gynaecologist assesses the labial healing process.

Preparation for the procedure


Preparation for the procedure

During the consultation, the doctor will thoroughly discuss the course of the procedure and order tests to be done by the patient. These are laboratory (blood) tests and cervical screening test (cervical smear can be taken during the consultation).

Procedure location

Comfortable labiaplasty facility in Cracow.

Procedure location





Laser labiaplasty is a safe procedure, mostly because it is a minimally invasive method. The MonaLisa Touch procedure allows for improving the size and shape of the labia without a scalpel, on an outpatient basis, which translates into higher comfort during the procedure and faster tissue regeneration. Note that the safety has been confirmed in clinical trials. The procedure is performed by an experienced gynaecologist.


At DER-MED Centre, quality and safety are the two key words. The same applies to laser labiaplasty. Our doctors perform the procedure with utmost care and gentleness, making sure the patient feels comfortable.



Comfort after the procedure


Comfort after the procedure

Laser labiaplasty is followed by a relatively short recovery period. Thanks to this minimally invasive therapeutic technique, you can easily return to your life as normal. After the procedure, you do not have to refrain from your everyday duties. It is important to take care of your intimate parts according to the doctor’s orders. You need to refrain from sex for 5-6 weeks.

Which procedure is better – laser labiaplasty or surgical labiaplasty?

The effectiveness of both procedures is very similar. We cannot say that one is better, more effective than the other because these are completely different procedures. Although laser labiaplasty is minimally invasive, faster, safer and does not require hospitalisation, the decision on which of the procedures should be performed is made by the doctor who assesses the patient’s problem and her general health condition.

Yes, laser labiaplasty is considered a safe method. The therapy only affects a part of the skin tissues without damaging the skin surface or the neighbouring structures. Medical intervention is reduced to a minimum, which considerably shortens the recovery period. Labiaplasty complications happen very rarely.
The MonaLisa Touch procedure has been confirmed in numerous clinical trials. What is more, you can feel even safer, knowing that, at DER-MED Centre, the procedure is carried out by experienced specialists.

Laser labiaplasty is a procedure that is carried out in a very comfortable way. It is performed under local anaesthesia, while the medical personnel make sure that the patient feels comfortable. After the procedure, the patients usually feel well, while in the case of any post-procedure symptoms, generally available painkillers are enough.

Laser labiaplasty procedure 4500
Laser labiaplasty procedure with vaginal corrective surgery 5500
Vaginal corrective surgery 2300
Plastic surgery of vaginal vestibule defect 750
Post-treatment consultation 250
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