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Małgorzata Ozaist, MD Kraków

Małgorzata Ozaist, MD Kraków

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Silesia. Currently works as a resident physician within general surgery; an aesthetic medicine doctor. An author and co-author of numerous scientific works delivered at national and international conferences.

Laser labiaplasty, labial correction Kraków

Minor labia hypertrophy or labial deformation caused by a difficult childbirth lead to discomfort, pain, recurrent infections or reduced intimate comfort for many women. Intimate health is treated as a taboo for many women. It should not be like that. Thanks to medical advancements, many intimate problems can be solved. Effective laser procedures have been […]

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Surgical skin lesion removal Kraków

It is best and safest to surgically remove lesions that are in any way suspicious using a scalpel. These are excised with an appropriate skin margin in order to entirely eliminate the dangerous tissue. It is a prerequisite for a properly performed procedure. Then, the lesion is sent to a laboratory for a histopathological examination, […]

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