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Vagina Kraków

Vagina Kraków
Gynaecological consultation Kraków

Every woman who seeks to improve their intimate comfort or suffers from health problems related to the reproductive organ, its anatomy or proper functioning can come for gynaecological advice in terms of aesthetic medicine. The gynaecologist carries out thorough diagnosis (along with an ultrasound or cervical screening test) and proposes a treatment method or a […]

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Laser vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening Kraków

The female body is subject to constant changes. Some are related to ageing, others are caused by certain situations. Childbirth or menopause have an adverse impact on women’s intimate parts. It can lead to bad mood, sexual life quality and general self-esteem. During menopause, female reproductive organs are subject to the ageing processes caused by […]

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Postpartum plastic surgery and genital plastic surgery Kraków

Usually, mothers who gave natural birth to large babies, or if the childbirth itself was difficult or complicated, experience many post-partum problems. Women often suffer from perineal tear or intentional perineal incision. The healing process of such a wound depends on the specific features of the patient’s body, but also on proper hygiene. This might […]

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